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It's been forever!

It's been forever, and so much has happened since my last post.

This has been the longest lapse in posting something on LJ, even if it's just senseless stuff. It's because the servers at work are fussy and LJ wouldn't let me post until I verified my email. Then? Things just happened and here we are now. Finally verified my email and I can post things and read things on friends feeds. 😃

Another audio book

In addition to the Prince of Thorns book I'm reading, during my commute and down time at work I'm listening to the Audio Book of Swords and Deviltry. Swords and Deviltry is a fantasy short story collection by Fritz Leiber featuring his sword and sorcery heroes Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. It was recommended highly by Mr. Jarrett.

I was partially skimming for spoilers and reviews by other people so I was reading comments on goodreads for it. One of the comments was saying that the book series was pretty sexist because you're either a hot bangable young lady or a jealous and meddlesome old hag, lol! I used up some of my audible credits to download the books in the series. Audible books are good--usually-- but the narrator has to be good. If I don't like the pitch/inflection/ basically the speak of the narrator, I can't get into the book. I develop a hate-on for the voice and I can't listen to it because it just ruins it for me. I know, I'm weird.

One of my co-workers had lost her puppy recently, last week actually. Its terrifying because it was so unexpected. They were just going to go for a walk with their dog and he wouldn't get up and started to be not right (no lure of the leash, not even a treat and when he did get up something was definitely wrong), so they took him to the emergency vet and were willing to pay anything to get their poochy companion fixed but... his spleen basically ruptured and he was bleeding internally. His spleen and other organs had cancer and there wasn't anything the vet could do. She was told basically that had they not noticed or just kept him home for a few hours that he would have passed away at home. I was in tears just hearing about it because I felt so bad for her, but I can't help but think of my own dogs. I would be devastated, especially if something like that happened to Harley. He's 12 already (His birthday is April 30th) and I know he's already in an age group where something could happen; he could have cancer, or any number of things. He does have a lump on his hip but its' basically a fatty deposit-they had done a test on it and it wasn't a tumor. He's due for his physical and I'm tempted to just have them scan/test for all the cancers. Its a scary thought.

That being said, we had a really good walk yesterday. I was detouring a lot because some roads/streets were closed down due to construction and in my neighborhood there is a lot of cul-de-sacs and dead ends. >.< I think I was gone longer than normal just because I was trying to get us out of the maze lol!!

I was in bed earlier than usual, hit the hay about eight thirty and quarter to nine. I woke up a few times during the night but drifted back to sleep. So I'm not one hundred percent well rested-- broken sleep is the bane of me.

Training today-oh joy. ZzzzzzZzzzzzzzzZzzzzzz.

Doometry and Dentistry

Well. I had a bloody fine day at the dentist on Friday. It had been my first appointment after a lengthy stretch. As far as damages go, the beginnings of ONE cavity isn’t terrible. But the damn scaling and cleaning was just.. augh. I swear on one tooth it felt like she was scraping on one of the nerves. It has to be where my cavity was developing.. that or she just really liked watching my one eye well up with a tear and trickle down and wanted to repeat that effect. LOL.
Scrape, scrape, scrape… my eyes were glued to HLN’s International home buying show… scrape, scrape, scrape.. my nerve was zinging and my eye was twitching and tearing…. Scrape, scrape, scrape ‘’How are you hanging in there?” she asked, knowing full well I couldn’t rightly answer because her tools were in my mouth. I gave a thumbs up like a brave soldier, determined not to be done in by her instruments of doom.
My health coverage through work is only eighty percent though. I feel as though it should have been more. Like, wtf. Civil servant here, let me have more coverage! Lol. So it was a hundred bucks (shy by thirty seven cents) for the cleaning, x-rays and the brief five minutes the actual dentist was with me. Because I was paying so much for him to just look in my mouth and point out the forming cavity, I feel like he should have spent MORE time with me.

The DL Chats at Shards have been picking up again. I’m happy about that. As long as its fun and not a chore, you know? The storylines are interesting and the more people involved the more of a community feel it has. I’m going to try to *not* be so elitist. Emphasis on *try*, but I will totally love my bitch fests on the sidebar.

Reading a new book by Mark Lawrence, the first in the trilogy is Prince of Thorns. Its really nitty gritty and dark. I’m not sure if I had posted about this or not already.. I updated my reading list on Good Reads and joined a challenge to read / listen to forty books by year end. And Holy shit. Year end is right on the ass! I’mma going to have to start doing some Christmas Shopping! But, yeah, backtracking a little… I have so many unfinished books on my Good Reads list. I’m going to have to finish reading those—some of them have been years. #sobadatthis.

TGIF - and a book review

TGIF!! I am so happy its the weekend! Work weeks are kind of a tornado since we had major changes and overhauls of our program. Its just been one sh!t show after another and its not organized so.. anything about work is going to be a big wank fest with me.

God Save the Queen (The Immortal Empire, #1)God Save the Queen by Kate Locke

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was alright. Initially I was super excited about it and started recommending it to a few friends before I even got ‘deep’ into the story because the premise was so cool: The plague that morphed the royal bloodline (in the book they are aristos) into vampires in England, Scotland got werewolves, and then the morphed royal blood got goblins. In this world, Queen Victoria is still alive and there is a steam punk twist to some of the technology. How cool is that? VERY!! I was excited. And then… (I am hiding the things that turned me off about the book because they contain VERY mild spoilers. It shouldn’t ruin the story overall but its going to depend on how picky you are with the knowledge you receive)
-The sayings of the characters really started to gnaw at me. ‘Fang Me’, ‘Baby Albert’s Fangs’, etc instead of just saying ‘oh f-ck, sh!t’, etc. It lost the impact of what the character was going through for me because I just kept thinking ‘omg, I am going to throw this book if I have to see that ONE MORE TIME’
-The book came off as very immature; was the audience supposed to be teens to super young adults? There was an immaturity to the book, and none of the scenes were very nitty gritty or graphic. I just read the cover and grabbed it at random so.. I don’t know.

(view spoiler)[
-Instant Love- An unexpected one night stand turns into meeting the family and all of a sudden you’re a couple. There was no chemistry, its just like the author decided she had two awesome characters and mashed them together when there wasn’t any reason for them to be together? (in my opinion)
-Goblins are scary. Wait, was that another book? Because… I know this book was mentioning that goblins, or ‘gobs’ as Xandie says, are scary.. but… uh.. No. They most definitely were not. They did not live up to the hype of scare that the author probably hoped to instill. Just like in True Blood (HBO version), where the werewolves were supposed to be all kinds of trouble and any vampire fresh out of the ground was picking them off like they were nothing. FAIL.
-Main character was supposed to be bad-ass and the fact that she wasn’t really irritated me. You can be bad-ass without being annoying, can’t you? She had a lot of one liners (even the writers for CSI Miami would probably groan at) and occasionally lashed out at people to make a point-which makes me again question if this was for young adults? But maybe they are confusing her with being a bad-ass because of her SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE SYNDROME. AKA her physical strength, senses, and everything else were more than what other people had so therefore she had to be a badass, right? (cough)
-Much story wasted on menial things like making tea, the flavour of things, the smell of things.. stirring however many times and clinking a spoon on the side of the cup, that kind of stuff. All these things can be used in good story telling.. in moderation. I felt like there was an abundance of these kinds of things in this book where plot driven mechanics could have taken place and progressed quicker.
(hide spoiler)]

Hidden because this is a major spoiler—following along my list of complaints with the piece 
(view spoiler)[ Special Snowflake Syndrome- Yes, the main character has strengths and senses that are more than what the other characters have because she’s basically a trifecta of the plague. Vampire+ human who can change from the plague (werewolf) = Goblin. But wait. Not just any Goblin, no, those are nasty and furry creatures—our goblin will look perfectly normal and therefore be the perfect specimen. So she’s not just a ‘halvie’ with super powers, she’s actually a goblinesque creature that doesn’t realize it til later on (oh but she’s still super strong and has all the benefits of the races..) -_-

All in all, it’s a decent book to waste away the afternoon with. It just wasn’t overly great to me—it was probably that I had higher expectations from it. I’ll probably read the following books just to finish the set (since I already got them already anyways) so I’m hoping the writing and story pick up better in the following books
(hide spoiler)]

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Steak & Eggs--oh my!

Breakfast is steak bits and two eggs with a piece of provolone!

First snack: Salad with steak (onion & garlic shaker seasoning & olive oil)

Lunch: Chicken breast & cauliflower

Post gym drink: Cookies & cream protein powder (awww yeah)

Second Snack (or is this thirds?): Salad with steak (maple bacon shaker seasoning & olive oil)

dinner will be surprise I guess. I'm hoping that all this protein isn't going to make me constipated. I mean, I'm getting enough fiber and fats that it shouldn't. I've never suffered from being plugged up so I guess I'll discover if its as bad as people say it is, lol!!

Karen & I have been hitting up the gym at lunch time instead of shopping. Its nice and it breaks up the day. It only sucks that my face gets red so quickly. >.< Then I go back to work looking like a roma tomato. The same thing if I'm drinking, lots of alcohol types will make me go red in the face-- Shan was looking it up one time and she said that it happens to Asians a lot because its called Alcohol Flush syndrome or 'Asian Flush Syndrome'. I'm like, great. lol! Its not allergies its just that I may lack something that digests the alcohol.


However, they say that headaches, nausea and general discomfort are part of it and I never feel anything like that except a little warm in the face. I've also never had a hangover or any headaches.

who knows!

GAHH Monday! Why must it be Monday?!

Mondays perpetually tend to lean heavily on suck. It sucks it’s the beginning of the week, it sucks you have to start getting up early, it sucks you have to get up early to go to work, and etc.

Now, oddly enough, I consider myself a morning person. I’m pretty chipper when I wake up after I listen to either an audio story or music (lets face it, its usually music) but as soon as I walk into work I get this glowering attitude. Its only doubled when I’m faced with annoyances. Like, its bad enough I left my home to make it to work and now the universe is adding sh!t sprinkles on top of my sundae of grumpiness.

Now, I’m social-sorta. But I’m also anti social as well. I like being social with people I like when I choose to be with them. If they’re forcing their companionship on me during me time, well, I’m enjoying them and the experience less. Then, there’s the OTHER people. There are people out there-at work especially- that just pick me the wrong way right off the bat. See the following:

-        ‘Wet talkers’ (sounds like they spit when they talk, sorta lispy sometimes) When I was little, I had a bit of a lisp. I’m not sure exactly why, but I had a year of speech therapy and now I make sure that I pronounce everything properly. My T’s especially for some weird reason.

-        Heavy accent where its so heavy I can’t understand them. Just as it sounds—if I can’t make out clearly what you’re saying, its frustrating I’m assuming for me and you.

-        People who eavesdrop and butt into conversations that don’t involve them. We have several of those at work. They have freaky bat hearing and even if you’re whispering (I’m assuming I’m whispering quietly) they tend to pop up like a zit and splooge all over your convo that didn’t involve them. We are going to learn how to read lips.

-        Know it alls that are butting into conversations that don’t involve them. See above—but unsolicited advice/opinions are annoying. Sure, if I’m asking you for your opinion I will be more receptive to hearing it even if it contradicts what I believe in. But if you just go running willy nilly with your opinions and what I should be doing? Kindly STFU.

-        People who talk and have uber, unnecessary pauses in their speaking. Odd, but we have a few people at work that just.. seem to lapse out of reality when they’re talking. Its annoying because I’m confused if it’s the break in the conversation where I then reply, or if you’re having a mini stroke, or if you just really have bad timing for dramatic pauses.

-        Feet draggers. Just irritating. Imagine the static charges they are building up. Unless you’re doing it to set off an explosion, please lift your feet or face my trippy wrath. I’ll throw something miniscule down on the pathway and since you don’t lift your feet, you’re not going to be able to miss it.

-        Creepy staring people.

-        Stay in your office too long talking about nothing you careabout-ers. Okay, I get it. Your conversation is fascinating—to you. You’re like a bad houseguest that overstayed your welcome in my office, and its only because I don’t want to hurt your feelings that I’m not kicking you out. But seriously, if you’re not taking my hints that you are overstaying (turning around, typing, not really looking at you, my animated responses are now ‘mmhmms’ and ‘oh yeahs) then.. I really don’t know what to say or think about you.

-        Can’t stop talking about the accomplishments and specialness of their child person (which falls into the nothing I care about category- I mean, honestly, unless I actually *like* the kid, have familial bonds, or actually think your kid is as cute and talented as *you* do, then.. I don’t really care. My ‘oh that’s nice’ is code for ‘cool, lets wrap this up.’

-        Me-Me-Me-me people. Which ties into “oh, you had that happen to you? I had that happen to me but it was WAY WORSE than when it happened to you”. Everyone’s tragedy sucks. To them.

-        Skinny or ‘healthy body’ people who complain constantly about how fat or unfit they are when its apparent that they aren’t as unfit as they think they are being. OKAY. You ate a cookie once since the last time you ate a cookie two months ago. It isn’t. Going. To kill you. Unless its an arsenic and mercury riddled cookie—which, after your whining about EATING the cookie in the first place, a small small part of me may wish it was. If you’re going to have regret doing it? Then .. don’t do it.

That was kind of a really long rant there lol! But those are the people I tend to avoid first thing in the morning. HAHAHAHAH, lets face it—all day if I can help it.  But sometimes they are unavoidable.
Music helps, but god(s) help the person who interrupts my music time in the morning.                          

I find as I get older that I have less and less patience for these kinds of things though. These things didn't nearly bother me as much, say, ten years ago. Part of me wonders if I'm going to be as cranky and ornery as my dad. #unleashthefury.

Another week!

I got into Witches of East End on Netflix recently. Its kind of cheesy and corny at first but I really like it now! Season two is starting up on tv soon so it'll be a smooth transition! I just kind of got irritated with the whole Freya love triangle and how often she was kissing Dash or Killian. It made me think of Anita Blake.

Legs are less sore from the gym. But Monday is a new week! Squats are going to dominate me!
Watched: Deliver Us From Evil -- two hours long. Felt every one of those minutes leading up to the two hours.
Bought a new book series by Mark Lawrence at random. Hoping it'll be good! I have so many books that I have to read that I feel almost guilty for buying them.

Happy birthday Canada

Happy 147th birthday Canada you old gal! Almost 150 and you're not looking a thing over 110. :)

Not a fan

Not a fan of the new layout for LJ. I haven't bothered yet with the whole looking to see if I can view it in the old format but... so not pretty! Not all new things are good.

Steam summer sales are on  - who got sims expansions? This girl did! #lamer lol

Jun. 19th, 2014


I dyed my hair a dark purple (it’s a demi permanent) so at a glance it just looks like my hair is really dark, but when the light hits its like a chorus of purple angels singing.  And, since it’s a demi permanent (meaning it gradually washes out after a series of washes) my face was all ‘fml’ pose this morning when it was pissing rain in ETown.  I lack an umbrella- had one all the time when I was in Vancouver, but in ETown I never think to have one. I switched out my regular jacket for one of my more water tolerant jackets with a hoodie (and my hair stayed flat, yay! No cap head for me!) At least in four more months we will have snow again and I won’t have to worry about that…(sarcasm)
I watched two movies in the last month:

Maleficent – I would have thought it better if Elle Fanning wasn’t Aurora.  I found Aurora annoying because I thought she was dumb.. I hated her eyebrows.. and her face. Its not a good reason, but its reason enough. The movie was great if you were an Angelina Jolie fan because it was mostly Angelina Jolie and a supporting character, Angelina Jolie and a close up of her face, Angelina Jolie and other characters… etc… visually it was appealing but I would have enjoyed it more if it was made more for adults vs. a Disney thing.

22 Jump Street – omg I laughed hysterically through most of the movie. It was a great sequel and dare I say it was better than 21 jump street. Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill have great chemistry on screen and really play off of each other.

I’m really looking forward to some horror movies coming out soon! Oculus (which I wasn’t able to catch in theaters) and Deliver Us From Evil! Can’t wait! Eee horror movies! I was disappointed with Godzilla.. Visually it was okay but it FELT long and the main character isn’t whom you think it would be (okay, seriously, all the promos showed Brian Cransten.. and he isn’t in the movie for more than fifteen minutes!! WTF!))
Its Thursday, tomorrow is my day off, and Saturday I’m probably heading to the farmers market and who knows what else for the rest of the weekend.  Sadly though this day is dragging on and I’m growing increasingly agitated (I think its traveling through the cubicle, Karen is the same way today lol) so siiigh… can it be home time now, please?